I Like To Build a Fishing Chair for My Grandpa

My grandpa loves to read and fishing is his hobby. I can buy chair from any big departmental store for less than 20 bucks but I want to make a fishing chair and present it to my grandpa as a gift. This fishing chair can be built from scratch with scrap. There are few steps that are to be followed while making fishing chair.

Gather the entire tool and materials, which are required like wood, saw, screws, drill etc., and break some 2*4 lumber 1 ½ inches wide and in various lengths according to the individual preferences. To lay out the above pieces take a flat surface for seat support and leg support about 8 to 10 inches from back frame. Align the back and seat frames in angle and mark each frame where it intersects the adjacent.

Cut the marks which are placed before and fit the pieces together with wood screw. Attach the front leg and seat gives support while connecting and this increases the strength of the chair. Then cut wood 1 ½ inches wide and ¾ inch think about 20 inches long for seat slats. Attach the slats, one on back where it intersects the seat, one at the front and one at the top of the back, after attaching and rip ½ inch thick strips for back frame and cut and attach arm rests. The chair is ready to use.

I hope my grandpa likes the special fishing chair, built especially for him.