Dealing with the Hassle of Moving with Pets

Clearly, you can’t pack your beloved pet in bubble wrap and hope things go well. When moving with a pet, there are many things to consider, and they vary depending on how you plan to get them there. If you plan on flying, make sure you call the airline and get specific details on what the process is, if there’s a cost, if there’s a size or weight limit. If you’re driving, take short, practice trips in the car with your pet a week or two in advance. We’re not sure about the price of a speeding ticket due to a sudden cat scratching, but we do know it’s not any cheaper than a regular one. Speaking of cat scratches, before you consider a shot of vodka in the water bowl; consult with your vet because mild sedation is possible for your pet (not you) during the trip. If you plan an overnight stop, check in advance for pet-friendly hotels. There are many. Some have size limitations. A simple search online can get you this information in no time. Be sure that your pet is properly tagged and its rabies tag is firmly attached. Also, if moving from one state to another, you should check if you need documents for your pet. Some states and jurisdictions require it. Lastly, don’t feed your pet too much before traveling. They can get car or air sick just like their owners. But they can’t clean it up themselves.