Some Tips For Numb Of Tasting Buds

Most feel inconvenient to taste new dishes, drinks etc. that is unpleasant and if you shut-down your sense of taste it becomes easy to taste unpleasant dishes. The following are few tips for numb your taste buds whenever you try an unpleasant food.

Our taste buds only recognize six tastes i.e., sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami (savory) and calcium and rest belongs to the nose. If we avoid smelling any food, we can also avoid larger part of its flavor. You can also pinch your nostrils if you aren’t concerned about what others would think about you.

Liquid food taste different when it’s hot. Just drink cold water before going for unknown dishes, it helps in numbing the sense and toning down the effects. You can also go for chilled unpleasant food for better avoiding the unpleasant tastes.

Alcohol anaesthetizes the nose and the sense of the tongue, so drink a glass of alcohol before going for unpleasant food. You can also map your tongue by placing different tastes on your tongue and every person has different tongue. By knowing this you can avoid the food to come into contact with certain parts.

Easy and simple way to avoid different taste is to use a straw. If you are going for unpleasant drink just use straw for drinking and try to consume the liquid directly into throat. One miracle fruit is available, which makes everything to taste like sweet, it is African berry.