Google and Yahoo to Revise Monopoly Deal

It was tough on these two major search engines after their plans of implementing monopoly in the search advertisement crumbles.

The recent revision on Yahoo’s revenues to 25% of revenue generated by Google doesn’t seem to satisfy the Justice. It was on November 3, that both these major search engines, have submitted a list of confessions that would deflate their proposed Internet advertising partnership. But it didn’t seem to work out with antitrust regulators threatening to block the alliance.

And then Google had no choice left except to stop fighting and cancel the deal. It is Yahoo, the bigger loser in all this process, having failed with the treaty that could generate those hundreds of millions of additional revenue. And probably Microsoft is the top gainer. It now has no fears of monopoly and now can again start bidding on Yahoo with much lower price.

Now it is Yahoo who has to take decision on whether to merge with Microsoft or AOL.