Which Is Better? Xbox or Play Station

It is very hard to choose between the two gaming consoles from giant brands: Xbox 360 and PS3.

PlayStation was introduced into the market by Sony in 1994 where the fifth generation of gaming console market going on. Since then it has been leading the world gaming console market but it is in 2001 that Micro Soft launched its best weapon to out beat Sony with Xbox. The gaming console market has entered into sixth generation by that time. Sony has already released its Play Station 2 by the time Xbox was released. Now the seventh generation is going on in gaming console market with Play station 3 and Xbox 360 into the market.

In terms of cost, PS3 is available at around $300-$500 whereas Xbox 360 may cost you around $300-450. Pricing includes core and the accessories without which they are not so enjoyable. On basis of the performance I vote for PS3 though Xbox 360 is not as bad.