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Michel Jackson is now Mikaeel

What am I hearing about you Jack? They say you have lost your house, then somebody sued you and now you have turned into a Muslim! This would probably a reaction of Mike’s close relative who is staying away from him since a long time and now is thrown into compulsion to set his head […]

Young Vampire’s Movie Collects $70.6 Million

The new romantic vampire’s movie Twilight released with lots of expectations excelled with record collections this weekend. The collections of the movie started grandly with over $7million in terms of ticket sales for its debut midnight show on 21st. It stood in third place in the list of top movies with advanced high online ticket […]

Auto Sales Shrink to 25 Years Low

The economic crisis has left many industries with hefty losses. The consumer trends have become very volatile and led to plunge in the sales trends of almost all the industries. Now it is the auto industry that recorded weakest sales of 25 years. The auto industry faced this plummet due to world wide fall in […]

Bad News for Oscar Winning Actress Jennifer Hudson

Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s was met with a tragedy, her mother Darnell Donerson, 57 and her brother Jason Hudson were killed in their home and her sister’s son was declared missing. She was shocked with the news. On Monday, October, 27 2008, the boy’s parents offered $100,000 as reward for who ever identify the […]

Most Wanted Arellano Felix Member Arrested

On Sunday, October 26, 2008, Mexican authorities have arrested a reputed senior member Tijuana after a shootout, confirmed by US authorities. Eduardo Arellano was one of the last wanted members of the powerful and wicked trafficking organization and he was also captured by US authorities in August 2006. His brother was reputed drug lord and […]