Bad News for Oscar Winning Actress Jennifer Hudson

Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s was met with a tragedy, her mother Darnell Donerson, 57 and her brother Jason Hudson were killed in their home and her sister’s son was declared missing. She was shocked with the news. On Monday, October, 27 2008, the boy’s parents offered $100,000 as reward for who ever identify the boy.

Her fans supported, she thanked her fans and asked them to find her nephew and she canceled all her plans. Neighbors and well wishers brought stuffed animals and other items to a makeshift memorial of hudson’s mother and brother as news spread on Monday.

Later, a body found in an SUV was declared as the body of missing nephew, after desperate search for the boy. The family was in huge loss because the mother, brother and nephew were died. The Chicago police have characterized the case under domestic violence. The bodies of mother and brother were found on Sunday and the police officials are trying hard to find the murderer. They found boy’s father as the main suspect and taken into custody.