Most Wanted Arellano Felix Member Arrested

On Sunday, October 26, 2008, Mexican authorities have arrested a reputed senior member Tijuana after a shootout, confirmed by US authorities. Eduardo Arellano was one of the last wanted members of the powerful and wicked trafficking organization and he was also captured by US authorities in August 2006. His brother was reputed drug lord and both of them were on top of DEA’s most wanted and has $5 million dollars reward for their capture.

Arellano family consists of seven brothers and four sisters inherited the Tijuana cartel from Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, who was arrested for drug trafficking in 1989 for the first time and he was the last one, who had an active role in the cartel. Cartel was divided into two, one is headed by Eduardo Garcia and another one is headed by Arellano’s nephew, Fernando Sanchez Arellano. Brutal fighting was engaged by the both sides, according to DEA more than 400 people were killed in drug-related violence in Tijuana in 2008.