The Dream Rides of the Wealthy

Money can buy you best luxuries of the world. But there are many wealthier people who often fall in dilemma when it comes to buying. Because there are lots of options for them in the market and they never could make out on what to buy.

Auto industry is always in the front row when it is in terms of serving the richer. The richer have many branded cars in the market that can enhance their pride of acquiring them. All they have to do is spend some good amount of money in buying them and allocate some money very often to maintain those.

According to me, the best car available for the wealthier is the brand new Ferrari F430 Scuderia with starting price of around $277,456. Nissan also puts forward its luxury car, Nissan GT-R with the acceleration capability of 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds. And it just costs you $69,850.