Is Saliva Drug Test Kit Useful For Detecting Drugs

Saliva is one among the various methods used for detecting the drugs. Saliva drug test kit is designed as easy and simple to use. This test is costly than urine drug test and recently schools and organizations started using these tests.

Eventually every drug is found in your body fluids in one form or the other. Saliva drug test is user friendly and easy to use. After urine test the best alternative is saliva drug test, which is considered as more accurate than other tests. Saliva drug test results are accurate within 48 hours of any drug use.

Saliva test will be conducted by taking swab from the employee’s mouth and test is conducted on the specimen. These drugs are difficult to adulterate than urine drug test but longer time for reading results than the urine drug test.

Up to 8 drugs could be detected at a time through this test. This is the best method for determining recent use of drug.