Small Businesses More Likely to Hire Part Timers

In the present situation where the economic outlook is uncertain, small business are in dilemma whether to hire employees or not. And that too, the holiday season is approaching it would be a loss to the companies, if they increase the staff at this point of time.

But according to a report by Manpower, small businesses are showing interest in hiring part time employees for the vacancies. They have outsourced this job to many staffing agencies. As there is high unemployment, competition for the temporary posts also increased, therefore, SMBs do not want to strain themselves by interviewing 1000 candidates for 2 positions. But they do not even want to take the risk of hiring a wrong person, so they have handed over the responsibility to these agencies. But the power to decide salary still rests in the hands of the SMBs.

Due to unemployment, the candidates in temporary positions are also willing to work even in holiday seasons. But U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, says that 25% of the part time employees worked during those season were unable to find suitable permanent jobs.

The companies are optimistic that if the position of the economy improves, they may give the temporary candidates who are skilled enough, the permanent positions.