How Efficient Is Paperless Office?

How many offices work without using papers these days? There may be offices without computer systems but no offices which haven’t used paper at any instance. Such is the revolution of paper which we made it a daily part of our life. And we have got addicted to papers so much that we are still not letting in the idea of paperless office to give a chance.

The main idea behind a paperless office is to digitalize all the data into soft copies by using our computers or some other devices similar to it. Those devices will include high speed scanners, book copiers, wide format scanners, photo scanners, FAX to PDF converters and I can say that all of them are mainly based on computers.

What will be the advantage of a paperless office is that it will lessen investment on office stationary, lessen the space consumed for office files, and lessen the environmental impact due to the production of papers.

The main issues on paperless office are that it won’t work with government related things, the strain involved in accessing the information in digital format.