How to Display Towels in Hotel Bathrooms

Now a days, hotel industry is emphasizing more on the room and amenities than what they used to do earlier. They are providing different things for guests’ convenience. They are providing more amenities to attract the guests from different places. Providing towels is one of the thing among them.

In order to attract customers and to make bathrooms look stylish, hotel towels are folded and arranged in different ways. Towels are folded by some hotels into a fancy shapes like animals or flowers. It is better to wash your towels with fabric softener, they can be molded easily when they dry. Different sizes of towels can be used to create layered look. There are different fancy ways to show the towels, such as:

Using stones are candles: Hotel towels are decorated with stones and candles. It is simple. Fold the large towel and place a smaller folded towel on top and place the three or four stones or candles on the small towel.

Layered look: This is another way to display the towels at hotel. Fold the towel in to square shape and hang it on the towel rack and take smaller towel and fold in the same way and hang directly on the large size towel.

Rolling: Roll the towel tightly like a piece of paper, and keep them in a line. Then they impress the guests. It is easy to do.

Stacked pyramid: This is similar to the rolling towels, but here towels are in the looser look. Fold the towels in the loose roll and place the three towels in a line. And place the two towels on the top of those towels and place one towel on them. They are in the pyramid shape. Keep a flower on that.

There are many ways like folding the towels and tie the ribbon and put the flower on it and other things is flower shaped folded towels and more.