Indian Auto Industry May Face Shortage of Skilled Labour

The president of the Confederation of Indian Industry, stated that, it is the time for state governments and aftermarket service providers to develop their skills to cater the booming industry and to face any competition.

According to him, Indian auto industry is growing and it will continue to grow in coming years. Several major auto manufacturing companies entered Indian market, and many other companies will be presented. But the thing is, India does not have skills to maintain the present growth in future.

Auto industry in India is going to involve many changes with the invention of new technologies, electronic components and new norms which are related to emission. It is important for people to look at developing skills to meet the rising demand and aftermarket business segment as well, as industry is preparing for major growth over the years. For this, people focus on developing skills like IT sector. Industry should build it’s own capabilities to face challenges in coming days.

According to him, people need to focus on developing skills according to technology and changes in the world.