Small Business Owners Go Green

According to a survey conducted by Manta, it was found that, Small businesses are becoming more eco-friendlier. It was found that 90% of the businesses which sell green products/services or the companies which are adopting green practices are genuinely concerned about the environment. Besides, 46% of the total 421 respondents surveyed said that demand from customer for green products is the reason for “going green”.

It was also found that businesses employing 100 or fewer were involved in taking green initiatives.

Key findings of survey

  • 79% offer green products/services and also implement green practices.
  • 79% go for recycling or composting.
  • 76% practise conserving energy by turning off electronic goods when not in use.
  • 31% encourage publice transportation, walking, etc. instead of individual vehicles.
  • In addition to the above initiatives taken, SMBs demand support from government to adopt still more eco friendly initiatives.
  • Only 5% say that government supports SMBs involved in promoting eco-friendly products.
  • 72 % say that government does not encourage them.
  • 43% view that they are willing to recieve cost incentives and tax breaks for being environmental concious.
  • 23% believe that they are willing to do more, there were better resources to make the plan easier such as in-building or curbside recycling and compost pickup.