Different Types of Accommodations in Hospitality Industry

Generally people travel from one place to other place for different purposes. Then they need accommodation, when they go to new place. There are different types of accommodations in hospitality industry, they can choose any type, such as:

Boutique hotel: This type of hotel is a 5 star hotel, which provides all the features and facilities of a normal hotel. In this a high class service can be provided to guests.

Hotel: This is the largest of all accommodations types, there is a common reception area and rooms. In this on-site restaurant, other facilities are more accessed by public other than accommodation types. Customers can get a wide range of guest services, like room service. Sometimes many hotels are members of larger hotel groups, then customers can be provided a similar accommodation with in the group.

Resort: Resorts cater to leisure travelers. They provide recreational activities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course, one or two dinning facilities and others. There are different types of resorts, such as:

Spa resort: These resorts provide extensive facilities for massages, facials, fitness activities and healthy dining.

Ski resort: They provide a site and facilities and serve people who have enthusiasm about winter sports.

Themed resort: These are the resorts which have strong identity. They are tied to some other place and time.

Motel: This is a type of hotel. It provides parking near the room. Generally it does not have the full dining facilities.

These are the types of accommodations in the hospitality industry. They provide different services to customers.