India Leading World’s Auto Exports

Nearly 4,50,000 small cars like Hyundai’s i10, i20 and Santro and Maruthi Suzuki’s A-star, which are in India, rode the exports across the world. Now India is leading the world auto exports.

India has become as the small cars sourcing hub for the world.

When the Europe introduced the ‘scrappage’ schemes, then exports increased in faster way. Such schemes led to the car exports from India doubling the exports in 2009-10 year. Now India exports one car for for every four cars which are sold in the country. There is an expectation, that Indian manufacturers sell 75 percent of their small cars of 1.8 million vehicles throughout the world. Nearly the 1/3 to global turnover is being contributed by the Maruthi Suzuki, which is the largest export base for small cars in India. The model of the A star is the prime mover of this company which is sole in nearly 100 countries.

So in this way India is playing a key role in world’s auto exports.