Audi A8L Bullet Proof Car Unveiled in to the Market

The latest W12 powered, 2011 Audi A8 L Security model will be released in the summer of 2011. The A8L Security has a long wheelbase A8 L model and is loaded with extraordinary secret agent gizmos and is built like a tank. The vehicle measures about 208 inches long and is reportedly capable of sustaining the attack of a military hand grenade while still protecting its occupants. Most of the modifications were made by hand. The tank-like car was manufactured at the Neckarsulm plant in Germany, amidst high security facility.fuel pump repair

The body of the car is made up of steeled materials like hot-formed armored steel, ceramics, aramide fabric, special alloyed aluminum and multilayer glass. The side sills have been strengthened on the A8 L, there’s also an armored floor, 661 pounds of a special polycardonate-coated glass and reinforced doors that weigh an additional 794 pounds. The car is also consists of a built in fire extinguisher and emergency fresh air system equipped with two oxygen cartridges, a smoke extractor and an emergency exit system. It has mechanical features like a 6.3 liter, W12 engine that kicks out 500 horsepower, 461 lb-ft of peak torque and 8-speed automatic transmission. If the tire pressure is lost it can travel at 50 mph with the help of 19-inch forged wheel and higher load index tires. It can pick up zero-to-60 miles per hour speed in around seven seconds.

This armor plated luxury sedan is certified by the German government. A8 L can resist numerous rifle bullets and small explosive hits such as hand grenades and anti tank mines. The 2007 Audi A8 L security was $685,000.