Bullet Proof Safari Launched By Tata Motors

Tata Motors launched new Safari for the bureaucrats as well as ministers in India with little changes in the standard version. Tata Safari is considered to be the most secured and affordable SUV to have been launched in India ever by any auto company. There will not be any visual differences between the standard and the bullet proof safari.

Bullet proof safari has the same engine as in the standard version, like 2.2-litre DICOR engine with 140 PS and 320 Nm of torque and with features like AC vents, reversing camera, DVD player with LCD screens in the front seats, headrests and dimming lights. Interiors of this vehicle are decorated with plush leather.

  • The bullet proof safari has got NIJ Level III/B6 rating of security.
  • The glass area can resist an attack from assault rifles such as the AK47.
  • The suspension of the car is specially upgraded to take the added load of heavy armor.
  • The bullet proof safari has top speed of 150km/h.
  • The vehicle can easily run on flat tires as well, for a distance of 50 km and at a speed of 50-60 km/h.

Coming to the security aspect, it can sustain bullets fired from an AK 47 rifle and also a hand grenade explosion. It protects the fuel tank from explosion, thus protecting the passengers in it. The price of this new bullet proof safari is 60 lakhs and it is nearly eight times more than that of the standard version.

This is the first the company that is coming up with an area of specialty vehicle for the common mass and this vehicle can be ordered directly from the manufacturer itself.

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