AMI-Partners’ study on Indian SMBs Spending on IT Products and Services

After the economic downturn, there had been a gradual recovery in Indian small and medium sized businesses(SMBs) having up to 999 full-time employees. There had been a rise in hire of new employees and spending on IT. Many new sites were also opened by the Indian SMBs.

A total of US $9.9 billion was spent overall on IT by Indian SMBs in 2009 according to the New York-based Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, Inc. The laid-up effects of the economic downturn were reduced gradually. There was a competition in utilization of information technology. The study revealed that a significant group of Indian SMBs were found to be on the way of Second Wave of IT adoption. Internet was found to be the key booster for rapid adoption of the technologies. e-commerce, e-purchase, and website adoption were some of the internet-related technologies used by SMBs in India. Intranet was also being used for better intra-firm collaborations. The survey revealed that 40% of them were found to be interested in focusing on IT strategic issues. A proper long-term and real-time customer relationship should be maintained by the SMBs. The study also reported that there should be growth in IT technologies to be used for business applications which help in overall business process improvement.