New Car Launches in Global Automobile Industry

Many new cars are being launched in to the global automobiles market in a very short time. There are plenty of key players in the China automobile market and they will be exporting their low-cost, high-efficiency cars to United States and other countries. China had started their automobile exports to the European countries. Today, high petrol prices and high fuel consuming SUVs are dominating the global automotive industry. With the beginning of motorization of China and India in large scale, the automobile industry is set for a greater expansion all across the globe.

Chevrolet HHR SS

Latest art technology, the Bentley Brooklands and Bentley Continental GT Speed are launched by Bentley and the features of Bentley cars include excellent horsepower, veneers, the cabin and leather hides. They insure safety and comfortability. The BMW 5 Series, BMW X6 and BMW Z4 are some of the major cars that have been launched by the BMW. The Buick LaCrosse is one of the other cars with excellent engine, chassis, accessories, interiors and exteriors. The Cadillac CTS and the DTS Platinum Edition are amazing series from the Cadillac brand. The Chevrolet HHR SS is the another launch from the Chevrolet and has a cargo-carrying capacity with 57.7 cubic feet in the passenger version and 62.7 cubic feet in the panel, The Saturn Astra is made up of high quality material, appealing texture and soft touch surfaces.fuel pump repair

Other premium cars will be launched from the companies like Ford, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Pontiac, Skoda, Lexus, Volkswagen, etc. The automobile industry has already reached to the peak, and it will be sharply rising in the coming years with cars which are fuel efficient, low cost, consumer friendly and environmental friendly.