Benefits of SaaS for Consumers

In the past, companies required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures which are of high costs. But now the situation is changed, the businesses can can plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet.

Here are some of the benefits that customers can get by using SaaS:

High Adoption:
SaaS applications are available from any computer or any device, any time and anywhere. SaaS applications have high adoption rates.

Lower Initial Costs:
There is no need for license and all its applications are subscription based. It also provides IT infrastructure at lower costs for hardware, software and the people needed to manage it.

Increased Accessibility and Productivity:
Web based applications enable you to save your information on the internet which makes it possible to access information from anywhere. It also helps in increase in productivity by making the information available to all the employees in the organization.

High Quality Offerings:
SaaS applications are built to scale pass on potential savings to the customer, which means as more and more customers get added the cost is distributed among the customers and operating cost for each customer continues to drop. With this the SaaS provider gets the ability to provide quality service at lower costs.

Improved Security:
Safety is the primary concern for SaaS providers and the providers with skilled resources, network redundancies, stand by power, up to date security and intrusion detection can provide a class service.

Easy Implementation:
Software as a Service is delivered via the Internet and there is no need for the customers to install and set up.

Freedom Of Choice:
The customers are provided with the choice of switching over to other service and this choice is given by SaaS model. This is possible as there has been no locked in investments towards the IT infrastructure of servers, software or security systems.

Platform Independence:
SaaS based solutions are hosted centrally with the service provider and the software can be accessed by the customer through browser. On Demand applications can be used by Windows, Linux or Mac users, providing true platform independence.

Time to Market:
Hardware, software and network infrastructure at the data center is provided by the SaaS vendor. SaaS applications have limited customization of features and the user interface.

Easier Upgrades:
SaaS vendors manage the upgrade process and they deliver two to four major upgrades per year and several minor updates that the user gets automatically.

Pay Per Use:
IT organizations some times over estimate the actual utilization of the software by end users. With the use of SaaS, the companies can pay for only active users of the system and in this way they can avoid the extra costs.

All the above benefits of SaaS make it a mostly widely used application.