Intranet and Its Functions in an Organization

An Intranet is a private internal computer network that uses Internet protocol technology to securely share the information of the organization. Charges for using Intranet services depends on the providers and also on the number of user members with in the organization. Following are the functions of the Intranet on an organization:

Document Sharing:
Folders can be created and files can be uploaded and stored for access by all members. Permissions are set for each folder to allow only those authorized to gain access and view the documents.

Shared and Individual Tasks:
With the help of Intranet members in the organization, one can share group tasks, maintain private task lists, and sync with their Outlook and Palm devices.

Individual and Group Calendars:
Most intranet services allow the synchronizing of a member’s Outlook or Palm device with the Calendar Function. Items and meetings marked Private will be visible only to the individual member under their login and the group items will be visible to all members.

Announcements Section:
Members can enter the announcements and a new office managing schedule is released which can be stored in a document folder and a link to it is posted in the announcements window. This information can be accessed by the members from their home computers.

Shared Email Folders:
Using the intranet for shared email will allow the creation of folders which allow selective passing of emails between members.

Custom Application Databases:
This is an application designed especially for a real estate organization in which the office operations cab be built. Applications could include closing transaction management,listings management, prospect and leads control and followup, showings and feedback.