WAN Optimization in Small Businesses

The Wide Area Network optimization is aimed at the market for the small and mid-sized businesses. But in fact, the large companies have a large market share for the use of WAN optimization. Experts say that WAN optimization adds the network visibility and application. The WAN optimization appliance has been upgraded for small branch offices and businesses with up to 30 users. The latest technological WAN optimization aims at better use of the available bandwidth by prioritizing applications, monitoring the network and limiting or controlling recreational Internet traffic.

How WAN optimization works for Small businesses: The WAN optimization accelerates internal, external and real-time applications and provides LAN-like application performance to remote users and branch offices which deliver outstanding performance for streaming audio, video and other rich media applications. It also provides additional benefits of reducing recurring network bandwidth costs with multiple levels of compression and content caching. Accelerate live and on-demand rich media, SSL-encrypted traffic and accelerate business applications, improve user productivity and reduce bandwidth costs.