Know About Disability Insurance for Business

Most people commonly think about insurance for their business and their possessions. But how to protect your income if you get hurt? To an unprepared business owner, who met with an accident or got injured resulting in a disability can be a crucial situation in his life and business. In those cases you are impaired to earn an income, hence by having a disability insurance for your business you can get some amount of your income.

Generally there are two types of business disability insurance polices. They are:

Short-Term Disability: This type of coverage gives benefits for short period and is designed to be just enough to get prepared by the person and recover him soon for getting back to the work.

Long-term Disability: This type of insurance will pay benefits for many years and cover a long-term or permanent disability.

This disability insurance can contain many other provisions that involves critical judgments in the value of the policy. It can include:

Cost of Living Adjustment Provisions: Based on the increased cost of living, this provision increases the policy benefits adjusted for over a period of time. It will help your plan stay current with the rising inflation, as it provides the benefits for many years to come.

Partial Disability Provision: This provision allows the disabled person for doing part-time work and continue to collect a portion of the disabled benefit.

Social Security: This is a type of benefit coordination where the disabled person is eligible to get benefit from social security. Here an employer can get group disability plan as a part of benefit for employees at lower premium rates that is much better than the individual plan. Tax considerations are also provided for both the employer and the employee and promote employee retention and loyalty.