US SMBs Plan to Invest in Creating Mobile Web Presence

From the past decade, SMBs have started to understand the importance of the websites for their business promotions. Today, SMBs are at the same stage regarding promoting their business through mobile websites. About 4.8 billion users use mobile devices to browse the web, whereas only 1.7 billion users browse the web through other means such as desktop, laptop, etc. And now with the growth of smart phone usage growth all over the world, many people are using their mobiles for accessing web.

According to the recent survey “2010 Small and Medium Business Mobile Solution Study” conducted by the SMB Group market study, SMBs are now understanding the importance of the mobile friendly websites and are planning to invest in the mobile web presence in order to help fuel their business growth. Only 11% of the small businesses with 1 to 19 employees have mobile web presence, and 44% of the small businesses with more than 500 have mobile friendly websites.

In the US, most of the SMBs are increased their spending on tablets, mobile applications, and smart phones. So these SMBs are also interested to invest in mobile website in near future. SMBs believe that these mobile websites can act as an important strategy in attracting new customers, improving customer service, retaining old customers and growing revenues.

Financial and Banking industries are the foremost industries which are adopting mobile websites. Retail industry, NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and Education industries are very much interested and are planning to create a mobile web presence within the next 12 months. And also many start ups are planning to first adapt a mobile design paradigm, which they want to develop further as a traditional website.