Majority of the U.S SMBs to Maintain PR Budget Unchanged

Zoomerang along with GrowBiz Media, conducted a survey on 751 small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), with 89 percent of the SMBs having one to 25 employees. This survey was mainly intended to know about the SMBs planning in the areas of public relations and media for the year 2011. This survey reports that, in the total companies having less than 1000 employees, 9% of them plan to increase their PR budget, 41% to maintain same and 3% to decrease their PR budget, in the year 2011.

Further, other media applications, for which the budget is expected to increase in the year 2011, by the SMBs are website (17%), direct mail (15%), print advertising (10%), E-mail marketing (15%), Social media (13%), online advertising (9%), instore promotion (6%), SEO (4%), Radio (3%), TV(3%).

All the above statistics say that, though some SMBs are seeing investment in media as a lucrative deal for their businesses, yet majority of them are still to explore many media options.