Large Majority of U.S SMBs Have Web Presence

An annual small business technology survey was conducted by National Small Business Association. As per that survey it is said that 84% of the small businesses have websites and the remaining 16% not having websites are bound to face lots of challenges and competitions from the peers. The reasons quoted by the small business owners for not having websites are,costly (13%), difficulty in maintanance (21%), not required(67%).

It also reports that, the smaller the size of the firm, the more they adapt technology. Out of the 86% having web presence, 26% were using e-commerce to sell their poducts and services. 47% use social media (with linkedIn being top at 37% opting for it). 41% use it to market their products and services, and other one third of them dont sell because they do not have products and services to sell online(78%). Of the businesses selling online only 3% use e-bay. 91% accept payment through credit and debit cards and 22% use paypal.

On being asked about the challenges faced by businesses due to web presence, the respondents cited time taking(69%), cost (39%), security (16%), maintanance problems (13%).