Types of Protocols You must Monitor for Your Business

website monitoring priceFor any online businesses, it is very important to showcase their products to customers and to reach clients worldwide. If it is not available online 24×7, it will create worst impact on the company. Following are protocols you must monitor for your business:

Http is one of the important protocols in the Internet application used to send requests from the client and receive the response from the server via using a web browser. If you need to monitor all the Http requests and server responses then you can monitor using the http monitoring service.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer a file from one host to another host. As many of the operations in any organizations involve uploading and downloading from servers, there are many chances of having that the file downloaded can be corrupted file. FTP monitoring services when used can alert the users via e-mail and restart the server automatically.

POP3 monitoring servers are used for email servers, if the mail servers are down, then customers and employees are unable to receive the mail. Using these monitoring services, one monitor the performance of the mail servers.

SMTP protocol is used to send message to the server. SMTP monitoring services can check the availability of the servers and the ability to send the messages.

Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) is used to access mail. It is used to store the mails on the servers and to check the presence of the mail servers and password authentication.

Domain name servers are used to translate the domain names from the user readable form to the IP addresses. If any DNS server is down, the website and mail servers will not be available to the outside world. To ensure proper functioning, DNS monitoring services are used.

MYSQL monitoring services are used to monitor the MYSQL servers. These can check which query is taking long time to respond.

SSH protocol used for secure data communication between two networks. By using these monitoring services, network outages and protocol failures can be quickly detected.