Things to Consider while Designing a New Website for Your Small Business

The Website represents your company online. Therefore, make sure it looks professional in all aspects to show your credibility and trust. This applies whatever business. Here matter only, the way you present yourself to the world. So, before going to build your website. Here, you take a look on the things to be included in the website.

Sensible Web address: Domain name represents your company’s brand to the world. And it has extensions like .com, .org, .us, .gov, .edu, .net etc. Choose a domain name which is easy to type, read and remember. As, these are used in the URL to identify particular web pages.

Mobile optimized: Make sure your website is mobile optimized. Because some people search for products in online through their mobiles before they go for purchasing. If your website is not mobile optimized, you will be losing those customers. According to the Pew Internet in united states:

  • 91% of US adults have a cell phone
  • 56% of US adults have a smartphone
  • 28% of cell owners own an Android
  • 25% own an iPhone
  • 4% own a Blackberry
  • 34% of US adults own a tablet computer

Sitemap: Add a site map in your website. It includes all the links of your web pages like about us, contact us, products, resources, press releases, facts and figures of your business etc. Through this site map, your customers or visitors are able to navigate to their desired links.

Company Description: Describe clearly about your company in “About us” page. It should include what your business is into, its history, vision, mission, achievements,board of directors etc. This helps the visitors or your customers to know about you, instead of wasting their time to investigate what you are into.

Product Description: People come to your website in search of knowing about your company’s products and services. So, clearly describe about your products information like its features, benefits and others in a “Product” page.

Include Testimonials: Add testimonials of your present and previous clients. Because their favorable feedback about your company’s products and services creates a strong credibility and trust in the minds of the visitors and your customers.

News and Events: Include the latest and upcoming news or events in the home page of your site. Make sure this section should not take too much of space in the home page. This helps the reader or visitor to know about the news and jump into link of the press release to know more about the same.

Contact Information: Make sure to add your contact information in “Contact us” page. It should include register address, corporate address and other branch addresses. Along with these addresses add your company’s telephone number and email address. Because through this contact information only, your customers or visitors of your website are able to contact you. Or else, if you don’t mention it in your website, you will be loosing those customers.

Give Buttons to your social networking sites: Add buttons of your social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others in your website. This increases more traffic to your website like if your visitors or customers share or follow your post. This may result into sales, more brand awareness of your company.

Include Feedback Form: Add a column of “Feeback form” in your site, there your customers or visitors provide their information, queries, problems, complaints etc. This helps you to instantly approach and solve them.