Why Advertising is Important?

The main motto of advertisements is to let the public know about commodities or services commercially. The new age in which we live depends upon publicity. In order to promote a particular interest or to promote sale of a particular product advertisements are made. Advertisement presents and describes a product or service to the public by different advertising media to promote consumption and sales. The main is to sell a particular product by gaining the public attention. Advertising is one of the most interesting and complex topics in the media world. It is a huge source of revenue for the mass media. Newspapers, television networks, radio stations and also many websites sell spaces to the advertisers to promote their commodity or service to the public. With the help of these sources, companies or firms make publicity to get people’s attention on their products or services.Ad server

Advertising vs Marketing
Advertising and marketing play a major role in the smooth running of a business. It is a way of educating customers about new products which has become more widespread these days. Advertisements with good content attract and influence people and pressurize them to buy or spend money on a particular commodity or a service even when they don’t need it. When people see advertisements they get tempted to buy products. Advertisements can also be placed in newspapers, bill boards, school notice boards, magazines, and even in social networking sites. They give general public information about products and services to increase overall sales. However, advertising alone does not get customers. It works better to attract new customers to lead them to impulsive purchases. But getting back the old customers need more creative marketing approach.

Types of Advertising Media
There are different types of advertising media. Few of them are television, radio, internet, direct emails or SMS, online advertising etc. A successfulAd server advertising campaign will spread to the world about one’s products or services and attracts customers so as to generate and increase sales. Television advertising and newspaper advertising have the ability to promote a business to a wide range of customers. We typically see ads displayed all over the newspaper and in classifieds columns or under headlines in a certain sections. Whereas, television has an extensive reach and advertising through television is preferable if a business wants to spread to large markets. Advertising through television will have the advantage of sound, movement, sight and colour to influence and convince a customer to buy a certain product. Now-a-days, online advertising through internet or web is gaining popularity because the number of people surfing the web is rapidly increasing.