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Is Saliva Drug Test Kit Useful For Detecting Drugs

Saliva is one among the various methods used for detecting the drugs. Saliva drug test kit is designed as easy and simple to use. This test is costly than urine drug test and recently schools and organizations started using these tests. Eventually every drug is found in your body fluids in one form or the […]

Drug Abusers Are Known Through Drug Testing

My uncle has a company with 500 employees working in it. Once he sensed drug abusers in his office, which effected the working environment. From that he decided to use drug test kits for detecting the drug abuse of the employee and he did not have any drug abuse employee in his office. Drug test […]

Is Student Drug Testing Appreciable

US Federal Court supported a drug-testing program for the students involved in extracurricular activities but the final decision is left to the school management authorities. Before implementing any drug testing program, legal counsel familiar with the law regarding student drug testing should be engaged. The school management can use special drug testing kits designed for […]

Can Results of Drug Test Kits Are Used As Legal Evidence

Some of them have a doubt, test results of any drug performed by drug test kits can be used as legal evidence. Results are used as legal evidence but if they are conducted through only few methods. For military testing samples of more than 300 people will be collected. On a paper every person who […]

Whites Increase Their Share In Drug Arrests

Ever since Obama has been elected as the US President, there has been a significant change of blacks in the country. Not to take it as a racial comment, but its true. They were trying to prove good in the Bush administration too. According to a study, black drug offenders have declined significantly to 113,500 […]

Most Wanted Arellano Felix Member Arrested

On Sunday, October 26, 2008, Mexican authorities have arrested a reputed senior member Tijuana after a shootout, confirmed by US authorities. Eduardo Arellano was one of the last wanted members of the powerful and wicked trafficking organization and he was also captured by US authorities in August 2006. His brother was reputed drug lord and […]

Whether Drug Test Kits Are Legally Approved?

Compulsory employee drug testing is increasing in US and more considerations are given to such practices. In mid 1980s, US began compulsory drug testing programs in workplace to all public and privates companies. But due to some problems the drug testing made compulsory in only private sectors. Many reasons are given by employers regarding the […]