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NCEUS Report on the State of the Indian Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs)

The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) made a report on the status of the Indian Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). There were about 44.1 million non-farm unorganized enterprises in 1999-2000 according to the NSS 55th Round report. However, in 2005, 41.83 million enterprises were found to come under NCEUS’ definition of […]

SMEs in India Hit by Economic Slowdown-Report of FICCI Survey

A survey was conducted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). It was revealed from the study that about 94 percent of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) were hit severely and moderately by the economic slowdown. However, an improvement has been observed in 66 percent of the companies which participated […]

U.S. Small Business Outlook 2010: Lessons Learned From Forbes Insight

Small business owners learned to work smarter and do more with less in the past turbulent months of recession, reveals a survey from Forbes, in association with CIT. According to the survey, 62% will invest more in marketing; specifically, lead generation and more than 60% will run their business more aggressively in 2010. While 50% […]

Accountants Expect More Insolvencies in Small Firms

According to the latest annual credit check survey conducted by Accountancy Magazine Venture Finance, SMEs are finding it difficult to find funding and most of them turning to other ways of funding such as ABL (asset based lending). Out of 250 accountants participated in the survey, 60% of the accountants believe that there will be […]

Small Business Owners Planning Layoffs Due To Double-Dip Recession

According to two recent surveys conducted by Citibank and Discover Financial Services, on small businesses, the small business owners are not confident about the U.S economy. According to Citibank survey on small business owners, 86% were fearing double-dip recession. The survey states that, 83% of the small businesses have postponed their hiring plans, with 7% […]