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New Technology in Financial Services

The technological changes are securing places in all the sectors. Technology performance is good in financial services also. Many companies are reducing the investors risk by applying technology to the financial techniques. The investment processes have become easy in the form of online payments, online shopping, and online acceptance. Many consumers are getting lots of […]

Rise of Small Business Credit Card Rates in the U.S. – BillShrink Study

The credit cards for small business are not given the same protection as those of other consumers. According to a study by BillShrink, more than 30 percent of the credit card interest rate was observed since January 2010. The data was taken from 2,300 small businesses. According to Synovate study, it was revealed that mailings […]

Cyber-robberies on Small Businesses Banking Online in the U.S.

Cyber-robberies are being observed in small firms, local governments, churches, schools and others. A study was conducted by the FBI along with the American Bankers Association regarding it on small and medium sized businesses. The survey advised the firms for conducting financial transactions over the internet by using a separate PC which can be used […]

Recommendation of Stimulus Package for one year by MSME Panel in India

Certain recommendations were given by the Task Force on Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). They include encouraging the Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) for forming self-help groups and extension of the ‘stimulus package’ for a further period of one year. The task force was started for highlighting the concerns and issues regarding MSMEs. Several measures […]