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Benefits of Worker’s Compensation Insurance for a Business

Worker’s compensation insurance is a type of employer-paid insurance that provides medical and liability benefits for work related injuries and accidents as well as financial support to the employee while recovering. Any employer who regularly employs more than four workers full-time or part-time is required to get workers’ compensation insurance. Depending upon the exact situations […]

How does Product Liability Insurance Works for a Small Business?

When you are looking at liability insurance for small business it is very important to think about product liability insurance if your business is one involved with a manufactured product. This type of small business liability insurance will cover your business if an item that your business manufactures or develops is cause of some sort […]

Do You Want to Insure Your Small Business Property?

In most of the well developed countries many people would like to do their own small business. If you are one of this kind of persons and if you want to insure your small business property and if you want to know how can you insure your small business property, then first you should know […]

Insurance for Income Protection

Insurance is defined as a reimbursement provided to people or companies in case of loss. In economic terms it can be said as a form of risk management used to hedge against the risk of a contingent loss. Insurance is of many types like auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance, public liability […]

Insurance and Risk Management

Risk may be at some part of life at some time or the other. Each and every organization can be exposed to risks. Some may be pure risks that include chemical release, fire, explosion etc and some may be speculative. Pure risks are generally handled as safety and operational issues by professionals. Finance personnel addresses […]

Know about Different Types of Insurance

The list of types of insurance has been increasing day by day. Many number of insurance policies have been found which you may have not heard. Different types of insurance include life, property, health, auto, travel, home, credit and liability insurance.   Life Insurance: Life insurance is the insurance that pays only after the death […]

Insurance and its Principles

A policy that offers an individual, a company or an entity, certain reimbursement or financial protection from a financial institution against possible future losses is termed as insurance. Insurance may range from medical to life to general purposes and includes various kinds like commercial insurance, health insurance, public liability insurance etc. Insurance works under certain […]

What is Insurance?

Insurance is necessary for people, industries, and others at different circumstances. Insurance is nothing but a compensation that is given for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic payment. In order to design the financial well-being of a company, an entity or even an individual, insurance is necessary. In terms of insurance, the […]