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Tips to Create Good Content for Your Website

Content creation for websites makes an art form of its own unlike other print materials where the content text will be scrapped. Internet users across switch to millions of choices in search of the right content. According to some research an average viewer stick around a website for about 10 seconds where in dragging the […]

The Key Components of Your Marketing Plan

Drawing a marketing plan is important for attracting target audience and to retain them. The marketing plan should be detailed, well researched and well written. It should identify, who your target customers are, how you will reach them, and how you will retain your prospective customers so that they repeatedly buy from you. Here are […]

Internet Most Valuable Business Tool: US SMBs

Most of the US SMBs are turning to tablets and smart phones from desktops, laptops etc., revealed a new study conducted by Portfolio. The study found that SMBs are significantly increasing their usage and reliance on technology, especially the Internet. It is considered as a critical business tool. About 37% of SMB owners cited that […]