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How to Make a Social Media Plan for Your Small Business?

Most small business owners have taken the social media marketing as part of their marketing activities because of its multiple benefits. However, some of them are not getting results. Therefore, it is important find where you went wrong. May be you missed out in defining the marketing objectives. In this article, we will discuss how […]

Importance of Quality Content for Your Small Business Website

There are many factors that affect small businesses’ website performance. One of them is quality content. Quality content is critical for the website’s success. This is because quality content functions as a guide to the readers when they come to the site in search of information. If your site is poor in delivering quality content, […]

Six Best Free Software that Small Businesses Shouldn’t Miss

Software has become very essential for all businesses, no matter what the size of the business is. This is because of the ability of the software to perform complex operations/tasks, it saves time, effort and increases the productivity of the employees.

Small Businesses – Beware of Software Threats

Software have become an essential part of businesses, especially for the small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and is not only playing an important role in increasing the productivity, but also increasing the profits of the business. But, SMB owners have to be alert and aware of the threats to the software that are installed in the computer.

Cloud Server or Web Server for Small Businesses?

It is necessary for a business to install a server, which secures computer systems and critical data of the business. With many alternatives available today, it is the choice of the businesses to choose the best servers that suit their business.

SEO Basics for Small Business Owners – On-Page Optimization

Search engines are very smart and intelligent in ranking your website in the top positions. So, it is very important for small businesses to understand some basic concepts of SEO on how it optimizes your website to get better ranking in search results. Following are some things to consider for on-page optimization. On-page Optimization: This […]

Things to Consider while Designing a New Website for Your Small Business

The Website represents your company online. Therefore, make sure it looks professional in all aspects to show your credibility and trust. This applies whatever business. Here matter only, the way you present yourself to the world. So, before going to build your website. Here, you take a look on the things to be included in the website.

Bank Overdrafts is the Most Popular Financing Option Among UK SMEs

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) conducted a survey on various financing options, that are being availed by SMBs in UK. The survey was conducted on 380 UK Small and medium firms and about 100 accountancy practices. The list of financing options and their success rate are as follows: 33% of the respondents opted for […]

UK SMEs to Increase Production Due to Boost in Demand

According to CBI Trends Survey, conducted on 382 companies, the domestic demand is supposed to be increased in next three months, indicating the SME owners to speed up their production processes. The temporary boost in demand due to stock rebuilding also faded which led to slight decrease in output growth in last three months till […]

EU SMEs Contribute Largely in Terms of Employment to Overall Economy

According to a report by EU on SMEs in Europe, SMEs were found to be largely contributing to Europesn economy in terms of employment. It was found that SMEs provide employment for 88 million of population, while large enterprises employ only 43 million. SMEs constitute for about 67% of the employment in private, non-financial economy. […]