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SMEs Not Interested in Promoting Their Websites:

As per the survey conducted by Forward3D, 64% of SMEs, despite having their own company website, are not promoting it. The survey was conducted on 500 SMEs, which involved face to face interview with each of the respondent. Further, 38% of them did not even update their basic contact details such as address, phone numbers […]

Generating Traffic for Websites – A major Challenge foror SMEs:

As per the Powering Small Business Britain report from, views of small businesses on online trading are as follows: Majority of the SMEs, around 57% of them feel that getting the customers to see their site is a major challenge faced in online business. Lack of interaction with the customers is considered as a […]

Lack of Adequate Broadband Infrastructure Leading to Reduction in Online sales: ISME Survey

ISME conducted a survey on 800 plus companies, regarding Information and Communication Technology (ICT) usage in SMEs. As per the survey, 100% of the SMEs have set up their own websites to perform all the business functions and used e-mail and social networking sites as a means of communication. About 98% of the companies use […]