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Water Boarding The Terrorists – Good Or Bad

Latest news about the water boarding the alleged terrorists (or suspects) has become popular. Thanks to the online media and the bloggers. The CIA has used this technique around 266 times on two suspects. These two are the key persons of al-Qaida. One of the two terrorists is Abu Zubaydah, a senior lieutenant of Osama […]

Surviving the Crash of Flight-1549

This is the best example which says that life is such a happening place that anything can happen here at any instance and you can do nothing regarding stopping it except for planning for anything to come. Neither the passengers nor the crew of the Flight 1549 might have expected that they will have to […]

Bad News for Oscar Winning Actress Jennifer Hudson

Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s was met with a tragedy, her mother Darnell Donerson, 57 and her brother Jason Hudson were killed in their home and her sister’s son was declared missing. She was shocked with the news. On Monday, October, 27 2008, the boy’s parents offered $100,000 as reward for who ever identify the […]

What is Criminalization?

Criminalization might be intended as a pre-emptive, harm-reduction device, using the threat of punishment as a deterrent to those proposing to engage in the behavior causing harm. The State becomes involved because they usually believe costs of not criminalizing (i.e. allowing the harms to continue unabated) outweigh the costs of criminalizing it (i.e. restricting individual […]