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Micro Firms Contribute to about Majority of SMEs in U.K

U non-financial business economy, consists of 20 million enterprises, of which about 99.8 % are SMEs (firms having less than 250 employed persons), of these SMEs, 92% are micro enterprises (having less than 10 employees). The European Association had released statistics regarding the growth of business firms in the year 2002 to 2008. for that […]

EFG Scheme by UK Government Fails to Provide Credit to SMBs

The EFG scheme was iintroduced by UK government to provide backing of bank loans for small businesses. It was introduced in January 2009, in wake of banking crisis, so as to stimulate lending to small businesses by banks with a turn over up to £25m, by providing government guarantees. The banks with listed turnover can […]

BBA Plans a Task Force to Improve Lending practices to Businesses in UK

The BBA is planning to create a new task force which will examine the lack of lending to small businesses by banks in UK. This task force will include industry experts from six largest banks in UK. They are Barclays BARC, Lloyds LLOY, HSBC, Santander BNC, Royal Bank of Scotland RBS and Standard Chartered STAN. […]

SMEs in U.K Find Difficulty in Getting Access to Finance

Profitability of an enterprise was seen to be affected positively by labor productivity and negatively by labor costs per employee. The profitability of the total EU non finacial business economy is 30% of value added. It was found that, the smaller the size of the enterprise, the lower is the profitability. Hence, the micro enterprises […]

Italian SMEs Fail in Efficient Risk Management

According to a finding by Allianz Italy, Confindustria and Italian Association of Entrepreneurs, the major risks which owners of (SMEs) in Europe face in today’s business world are credit crunches, delay in payments and the effect of financial crisis on global demand. Among the major European countries, Italian SMEs are suffering the most as they […]