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Benefits of Pay Per Click Campaign for your Small business

PPC is an effective digital marketing strategy that drives traffic to your site. Here you need to pay to the publisher only when the visitor visits your site. Generally, these ads are located on top of the search engines and on the right hand side of the search results. Here, you will see how PPC […]

Higher Taxes worry U.S Small businesses

National Federation of Independent Business said that 73% of U.S SMBs don’t consider the present situation to be apt for expansion of their businesses. When asked the reason for it, 66% cited weak economy, and 18% cited political uncertainity. The group of owners in the “optimism index” were found to be at all time low. […]

U.S Small Businesses Profits Show Decline

esulted in the all time low of below 90 in history. When researched about the reasons for the decline, it can be said that 90% of the decline was due to business owners pessimistic outlook on economic conditions, they feel that economic conditions will be still worse in next six months. They have no confidence […]

U.S Small Businesses Success Correlated With Online Activities

According American City Business Journals study on CEOs and presidents of US SMBs with fewer than 500 employees, revealed that the online activities of businesses had influenced the sales. The respondents were asked to tell their opinion on online activities, like reading up on the news, planning business travel, blogging and checking up on competitors […]

Economic Uncertainity is The Biggest Challenge for U.S SMBs

Nearly half the small business owners think the economy is worse off today than it was a year ago, As per survey by National Small Business Association, 50% of Small Businesses think the present situation of economy to be worse. For the coming year, 59 percent expect overall U.S. economy to be flat, and 29 […]

U.S Small Businesses Hope Credit Conditions to Improve

NFIB small Businesses Optimism Index, reported that, 91% of the business owners said that all their credit needs were met. Regular borrowing showed an increase of three points from last months record low to 32 percent, indicating there is an increase in access of credit to capital markets at least once a quarter. But a […]

Trade Credit Rate in U.S Falls Due to Recession

Trade credit is lending credit to customers which is linked to sales of product. It is very important in small business finance. In this small companies either lend credit to their customers or use the credit provided by their suppliers, or both. Because of its dual nature disruptions arise, leading to slow demand throughout the […]

Poor Planning Hits SMBs Very Hard During Recession

According to U.S Small Business Administration, half the total number of SMBs are closing down their businesses due to recession. It is a well known fact that, 99.9% of total 30 million companies present in U.S are SMBs. These constitute about 40% of employment and 44% of all private payrolls. As per the recent reports, […]

Patent Activity More in Small Businesses:

The study, “An Analysis of Small Business Patents by Industry and Firm Size” examines small business patent activity. It found that small firms showed significant innovation and patent activity. Patents per employee is higher in small businesses than in larger businesses, with the smallest firms, fewer than 25 employees, having the highest number. The patents […]

Small Businesses More Likely to Hire Part Timers

In the present situation where the economic outlook is uncertain, small business are in dilemma whether to hire employees or not. And that too, the holiday season is approaching it would be a loss to the companies, if they increase the staff at this point of time. But according to a report by Manpower, small […]