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US Small Businesses Increase Borrowing for Their Businesses

According to the PayNet, the small businesses in U.S have increased their rate of borrowing in September, indicating that the economy is expecting the recovery soon. This up trend in borrowing is seen as a welcoming change as this was seen even before the introduction of monetary stimulus by Federal Reserve bank. This situation of […]

Small Businesses in U.S Slightly Optimistic About Their Business Conditions

The National Federation of Independent Business, had released Small Business Optimism Index, which reached 91.7 in October, gaining 2.7 points. But, still the index remains in recession zone. Consumer spending and consumer sentiment remain weak, profit improved due to improved sales growth in each quarter. But still the components of sales index are negative, but […]

Employment by U.S Small Businesses Increased in the Month of October

The economy in U.S if highly influenced by the performance of small and medium businesses, especially in terms of employment, as U.S small businesses are major contributers in terms of employment. This is confirmed by ADP Small Business Report, as October saw an increase of 21,000 private employment in small businesses having 50 or fewer […]

U.S Small Businesses are Planning to Increase Spending on Online Advertising in 2011

In a market-by-market forecast for ad spending in 2011, Borrell Associates conducted a survey to know the level of ad spending by small businesses in 2011. Overall ad spending is found to have moderate increase, with less than 5% increase above 2010 levels. This brings the total U.S ad spending to $238.6 billion. Further, strong […]

Majority of the U.S SMBs to Maintain PR Budget Unchanged

Zoomerang along with GrowBiz Media, conducted a survey on 751 small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), with 89 percent of the SMBs having one to 25 employees. This survey was mainly intended to know about the SMBs planning in the areas of public relations and media for the year 2011. This survey reports that, in the […]

Large Majority of U.S SMBs Have Web Presence

An annual small business technology survey was conducted by National Small Business Association. As per that survey it is said that 84% of the small businesses have websites and the remaining 16% not having websites are bound to face lots of challenges and competitions from the peers. The reasons quoted by the small business owners […]