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Which Is Better? Xbox or Play Station

It is very hard to choose between the two gaming consoles from giant brands: Xbox 360 and PS3. PlayStation was introduced into the market by Sony in 1994 where the fifth generation of gaming console market going on. Since then it has been leading the world gaming console market but it is in 2001 that […]

Urgent Meeting with G8 Countries

Congressional leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi urged President Bush on Thursday, October 9,2008 to call an emergency meeting with the G8 to address international financial instability i.e., to discuss about the financial instability in world. Reid, the Senate majority leader, and House Speaker Pelosi sent a letter urging Bush to set up the meeting, […]

Oh! This Is It: Reaction after Watching the Movie

Movie “Muddled Body of Lies” starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Russel Crowe and Mark Strong. Movie is directed by Ridely Scott. The movie has almost everything which we except from the director and the actors. The movie is about counterterrorist in Middle East. The locations in the movie are exotic and dangerous and are presented with a […]

Expansion of G-7 Countries

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson may get an earful Saturday, October 11, 2008, meeting with developing country officials whose economies has been harmed by the global credit crisis. Experts generally praised Paulson’s decision, announced Wednesday, to call the meeting of a group of industrialized and developing countries known as the G-20. The move puts emerging […]

Fireproof Drama Is Unexpected Success

The movie, which has a strong faith-based message and was made with a budget of just $500,000 and a volunteer cast that includes former teen idol Kirk Cameron, has been surprisingly successful. Its opening on 839 screens two weeks ago was strong enough to propel it to No. 4 at the box office. It stayed […]

Google and Yahoo to Revise Monopoly Deal

It was tough on these two major search engines after their plans of implementing monopoly in the search advertisement crumbles. The recent revision on Yahoo’s revenues to 25% of revenue generated by Google doesn’t seem to satisfy the Justice. It was on November 3, that both these major search engines, have submitted a list of […]