Oh! This Is It: Reaction after Watching the Movie

Movie “Muddled Body of Lies” starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Russel Crowe and Mark Strong. Movie is directed by Ridely Scott. The movie has almost everything which we except from the director and the actors. The movie is about counterterrorist in Middle East.

The locations in the movie are exotic and dangerous and are presented with a feeling of customs and according to the behaviors of the people who live there. These things are shown excellent but there is no story in the movie.

The taking and direction is not very excellent and two-third of movie has nothing to watch. We expect there will be something after this scene but not looks interesting in it.

We sit patiently for about 45 minutes waiting the story to kick but we realize there is no story, after the movie gets completes. Once that realization settles in our mind we cannot appreciate the actually good scenes. There are few good scenes in the movie.

The film is arranged as series of disparate missions. If there is any story in it then the movie would be an excellent experience to watch. And finally this movie contains strong language and graphic violence.