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No Gifts Cards for This Season

Gift cards are liked by most of them especially in holiday seasons but due to the global recession, consumer is not going for any gift cards. After they have became popular, gift cards sales were never dropped but this year it has decreased to 6 % from 9%. The consumers wanted to trim their holiday […]

Best iphone Applications for Fitness

The best feature of the iPhone, according to me, is that you can choose from many cool applications from App stores and install it easily into your iPhone. Among so many applications out there, how many of you know that iPhone can serve as a great workout partner? These are some of those applications which […]

The Grandeur of a Sports Car

Buggatti Veyron is the world’s fastest open-topped car which had made its debut in 2008. It is stunning with its appearance which no car lover can resist. The first car was sold for a grand total of $2.9 million, a $0.9 million extra. The car costs over $2.4 million thus calculating to a premium of […]