Best iphone Applications for Fitness

The best feature of the iPhone, according to me, is that you can choose from many cool applications from App stores and install it easily into your iPhone. Among so many applications out there, how many of you know that iPhone can serve as a great workout partner? These are some of those applications which can help you turn your iPhone into health and fitness machine.

This serves best for the iPhone and iPod touch users, interested in cycling, road biking and mountain biking workouts. Using iSpinning application, you can keep track of your heart rate, biking time, speed, distance, power and calories burnt.

iPump Total Body
Of the 20 fitness applications that is sold by iTunes stores, Total Body is the least specialized and best recommended for the starters. There are 3 levels in this application (Foundation, Intermediate and Comprehensive); and each, in turn, contains 3 gym workouts. This application gives you instructions in the form of audio, video and text on preset workouts, each one including some cardio for warm-up and warm-down.

The description of this application is in its name itself. It helps you keep track of your running in terms of your jogging or walking pace, your distance and your time.

There are still many applications around.