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$2 Trillion Plans To Resolve Electric Grid

Among the many great agendas of President-elect Barack Obama, the one on resolving the present electric grid seems to be challenging rather than interesting. The challenge that is out there over the plan is to deliver clean and green electricity (avoid in usage of polluting sources), as well as saving money. What more is in […]

Forbes Announces Recession-Proof Home Improvements

The situation of the real estate at present is incomparable with that of the situation a few months ago. A small investment would be a parlay, enough to secure a decent profit. Now when you look at the condition existing out there, it is very gloomy. People who have invested in the boom times are […]

Recruiting Here Is Enhanced With Lay-Offs

I was fed up with big news of lay offs each and everyday. Guess who are happy with the news? Army recruiting of course. As the news of mass lay offs sent a shivering signs to the first-job seekers, they are now concerned about a job with consistent security (job security). The Army recruiting is […]

Who Discovered AIDS?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) I said to be so dreadful because it has no cure till now and also due to its affects to the infected person. We all know that it is because of a virus called HIV (Homo immunodeficiency virus). This virus was founded by French team Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnie. […]