$2 Trillion Plans To Resolve Electric Grid

Among the many great agendas of President-elect Barack Obama, the one on resolving the present electric grid seems to be challenging rather than interesting.

The challenge that is out there over the plan is to deliver clean and green electricity (avoid in usage of polluting sources), as well as saving money. What more is in here is that the newer grid should be smart in working and protect our power sources from issues like black outs (remember the 2003 blackout?)

According to estimation from the Brattle Group, a think tank, it requires at least $1.5 trillions, to just keep lights on for the next 20 years. As we can’t just work with lights on, and as we need power to the big set of electronic machines out there, the number may be much bigger.

What more is, the power supply to every house in the nation will be controlled by smart machines, and also there is a plan of smart meters which would cost about $50 billion to implement.