Whites Increase Their Share In Drug Arrests

Ever since Obama has been elected as the US President, there has been a significant change of blacks in the country. Not to take it as a racial comment, but its true. They were trying to prove good in the Bush administration too.

According to a study, black drug offenders have declined significantly to 113,500 from 145,000. However, these stats include the comparison of the years 2005 and 1999, respectively. But was released recently by an official website.

If it has an interesting piece of news, even an old newspaper looks great. Even this news has some interesting facts. While the percentage of the black drug offenders share in the state prisons declined from 58 percent to 45 percent, it was opposite in case of white drug offenders. Their share increased from 20 percent in 1999 to 29 percent in 2005. Hispanics maintained a constant number in terms of drug offenses.