Drug Abusers Are Known Through Drug Testing

My uncle has a company with 500 employees working in it. Once he sensed drug abusers in his office, which effected the working environment. From that he decided to use drug test kits for detecting the drug abuse of the employee and he did not have any drug abuse employee in his office.

Drug test kits helps in conducting the drug test more smoothly and in minutes. Drug abuse is found by using any drug test. One of main reason in conducting any drug test is to find the drug abuse. For every drug there are unique detection period and they also change with method used for detecting them.

Drug testing results will be same with saliva drug testing and blood testing. Saliva is likely to detect THC from ingestion up to a maximum period of 18-24 hours. Urine cannot detect any detect within 1 hour from use or more post consumption drug will be excreted through urine. hair drug test detects the drug after two weeks and sweat drug test detects drug only after seven day from consumption of the drug.